Important Dates: April 2017


1st April Fool’s Day

1st International Pillow Fight Day Link

2nd International Children’s Book Day  Link

2nd World Autism Awareness Day  Link

4th International Carrot Day  Link

7th World Health Day  Link

16th World Voice Day  Link

21st Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II

22nd Earth Day  Link

22nd International Marconi Day  Link

23rd London Marathon  Link

23rd World Book Night  Link

24th Drive It Day   Link

25th World Malaria Day  Link

28th Undiagnosed Children’s Day  Link

29th International Dance Day  Link

30th International Jazz Day  Link



1st-16th Edinburgh International Science Festival  Link

3rd-9th Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week  Link

10th-16th Parkinson’s Awareness Week  Link

10th-16th World Homeopathy Awareness Week  Link

10th-16th National Gardening Week  Link

17th-26th National Experience Week  Link

24th-30th Allergy Awareness Week  Link

24th- 28th National Stop Snoring Week  Link

24th-30th MS Awareness Week  Link

24th-30th National Stationery Week  Link

29th -7th May Dystonia Awareness Week  Link



Bowel Cancer Awareness Month  Link

National Pet Month  Link


April Religious Dates

5th Ramanavami (Hindu)

9th Palm Sunday (Christian)

10th Mahavir Jayanti (Jain)

11th Hanuman Jayanti (Hindu)

11th-14th  Therevadin New Year (Buddhist)

11th-18th Pesach (Jewish)

13th Maundy Thursday (Christian)

14th Baisakhi (Sikh New Year)

14th Good Friday (Christian)

16th Easter Sunday

17th Easter Monday (Christian)

21st First Day of Rivdan (Baha’i)

23rd St George’s Day (Christian)

23rd Yom HaShoah (Jewish)

24th Lailat al Miraj (Islam)

29th Ninth Day of Rivdan (Baha’i)


  April National Days

1st Iran

1st Assyria

4th Senegal

17th Syria

18th Zimbabwe

23rd England

25th Anzac Day

26th Tanzania

27th Sierra Leone

27th South Africa

30th Netherlands


This Day in History

1st First Aldermaston march for nuclear disarmament (1958)

2nd Argentina invades the Faulklands (1982)

3rd Robert Walpole becomes first British Prime Minister (1721)

3rd Haile Selassie becomes Emperor of Ethiopia (1930)

4th NATO founded (1949)

4th Martin Luther King shot (1968)

4th Microsoft founded (1975)

4th Civil war starts in Cyprus between Greek and Turkish (1964)

4th First cats eyes laid on road near Bradford (1934)

5th First launch of NASA Challenger (1982)

6th First Modern Olympics in Athens (1896)

7th WHO – World Health Organisation founded (1948)

9th Prince Charles married Camilla (2005)

9th American Civil War brought to close (1865)

9th Captain Cook discovers Australia (1770)

12th Union Flag created (1606)

12th Russian Yuri Gagarin becomes first man in space (1961)

13th Sidney Poitier the first black actor to win an Oscar (1964)

13th Formation of Royal Flying Core (1912)

13th John Dryden becomes first Poet Laureate (1668)

14th Abraham Lincoln shot (1865)

14th Spain becomes a republic (1931)

15th Titanic sinks (1912)

15th British liberate Belsen (1945)

15th Hillsborough disaster (1989)

16th Battle of Culloden (1746)

17th London bomb blast (1999)

18th Eire becomes a republic (1949)

23rd Shakespeare’s birthday (1564) He died on this day in 1616.

26th Explosion at Chernobyl nuclear reactor (1986)

26th First US rocket lands on moon (1962)

30th Official end of Vietnamese War (1975)

30th Adolf Hitler commits suicide (1945)

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