Important Dates: March 2017


1st Self Injury Awareness Day Link

2nd University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day Link

2nd World Book Day Link

3rd Big Yellow Friday Link

8th International Women’s Day Link

8th No Smoking Day Link

9th World Kidney Day Link

11th National Clear Your Clutter Day Link

14th National Pi Day (USA) Link

15th World Consumer Rights Day Link

18th Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day Link

20th Vernal Equinox – first day of spring

21st National Skipping Day Link

21st World Downs Syndrome Day Link

22nd World Water Day Link

23rd World Meteorological Day Link

24th Red Nose Day Link

24th World TB Day Link

26th Purple Day Link

26th Mothering Sunday Link



1st-8th Time for a Cuppa Link

3rd-9th Endometriosis Awareness Week Link

6th-12th British Pie Week Link

12th-18th World Glaucoma Week Link

13th-19th British Science Week Link

13th-19th Brain Awareness Week Link

13th-19th National Butchers Week Link

20th-26th Downs Syndrome Awareness Week Link

20th-26th National Salt Awareness Week Link

25th-2nd Apr English Tourism Week Link



National Bed Month Link

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Link

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Link


March Religious Dates

1st St David’s Day (Christian)

1st Ash Wednesday (Christian)

2nd-20th Nineteen Day Fast (Baha’i)

12th Magha Puja Day (Buddhist)

12th Purim (Jewish)

13th Holi (Hindu)

13th Hola Mohalla (Sikh)

17th St Patrick’s Day (Christian)

19th St Joseph’s Day (Christian)

21st Naw-Ruz (Baha’i)

21st Norooz (Persian/Zoroastrian)

25th Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Christian)

28th Hindu New Year (Hindu)

28th Khordad Sal (Zoroastrian)

28th-5th Apr Ramayana (Hindu)


March National Days

1st       Wales

2nd      Morocco

3rd      Bulgaria

6th      Ghana

10th     Commonwealth Day

12th     Mauritius

15th     Hungary

17th     Ireland

23rd     Pakistan

25th     Greece

26th     Bangladesh


This Day in History

1st       US explode H-bomb at Bikini Atoll (1954)

1st       Pennsylvania is the first US state to abolish slavery (1880)

2nd      Concorde flies for the first time (1969)

4th      Prince of Wales opens Forth Bridge in Scotland (1890)

5th      Charles I becomes King of England (1625)

7th      Israel elected their first women Prime Minister – Golda Meir (1969)

9th      Northern Ireland vote to stay with UK (1973)

11th     Madrid train bombing (2004)

11th     Alexander Fleming – penicillin- dies (1955)

13th     First by-election in UK for 18 year olds to vote (1970)

14th     Albert Einstein born (1879)

15th     Julius Caesar murdered (44BC)

20th     Football World Cup stolen (1966)

25th     Abolishment of UK slave trade (1807)

26th     Israel and Egypt sign Peace deal (1979)

26th     Women allowed to work the Stock Exchange floor for the first time (1973)

29th     First London Marathon (1981)

30th     Queen Mother dies (2002)

31st     Eiffel Tower opens (1889)

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