Important Dates: September 2016


3rd Pup Aid Link

4th Fathers Day (Australia)  Link

5th Labor Day (USA)  Link

5th Labour Day (Canada)  Link

8th International Literacy Day  Link

8th-11th Heritage Open Days  Link

10th World Suicide Prevention Day  Link

10th-13th Heritage Open Days  Link

11th National Dementia Carers Day Link

11th Patriot Day Link

13th Roald Dahl Day  Link

15th World Lymphoma Day  Link

16th National Step Family Day (USA)  Link

16th National Teaching Assistants Day  Link

16th-18th Clean up the World Weekend  Link

16th-19th Beachwatch Big Weekend  Link

17th Australian Citizenship Day  Link

17th US Constitution Day  Link

19th International Talk Like a Pirate Day  Link

21st International Day of Peace  Link

22nd World Carfree Day  Link

23rd Jeans for Genes Day  Link

25th International Ataxia Awareness Day  Link

26th European Day of Languages  Link

28th World Rabies Day  Link

28th World School Milk Day  Link

29th World Maritime Day  Link

29th World Heart Day  Link

30th World’s Biggest Coffee Morning  Link



3rd-18th Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight  Link

4th-10th Migraine Awareness Week  Link

5th-9th Zero Waste Week  Link

6th-21st Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight  Link

11th-19th Agatha Christie Festival  Link

12th-18th Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week  Link

12th-18th Know Your Numbers Week  Link

14th-20th National Cupcake Week  Link

15th-20th National Eczema Week  Link

16th-22nd European Mobility Week  Link

17th-2nd Oct British Food Fortnight  Link

19th-25th World Reflexology Week  Link

19th-25th National Cupcake Week  Link

28th-4th Oct Red Squirrel Week  Link



Childhood Cancer Awareness Month  Link

Friendship Month   Link

International Blood Cancer Awareness Month  Link

Organic September  Link

World Alzheimers Month  Link

23rd – 23rd Oct Seed Gathering Season  Link


September Religious Days   

6th-15th Paryushana Parva (Jain)

8th  Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Christian)

10th Waqf al Arafa – Hajj (Islam)

11th–14th Eid al Adha (Islam)

14th The Triumph of the Cross (Christian)

22nd Autumn Equinox

29th St Michael and All Angels (Christian)

29th Meskel (Ethiopian Orthodox


September National Days

1st Uzbekistan: National Day
2nd Libya: National Day
2nd Vietnam: Proclamation of Independence
3rd Qatar: National Day
3rd San Marino: National Foundation Day
6th Swaziland: National Day
7th Brazil: Independence Day
8th Andorra: National Day
8th The Independence Day, Republic of Macedonia
9th North Korea: National Day (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea)
9th Tajikistan: National Day
15th Costa Rica: Independence Day
15th El Salvador: Independence Day
15th Guatemala: Independence Day
15th Honduras: Independence Day
15th Nicaragua: Independence Day
16th Mexico: Proclamation Day
16th Papua New Guinea: Independence Day
18th Chile: National Anniversary
19th St Kitts Nevis: Independence Day
21st Armenia: National Day
21st Belize: National Day
21st Malta: Independence Day
22nd Mali: Independence Day
23rd Saudi Arabia: National Day
24th Guinea Bissau: National Day
30th Botswana: National Day


September This Day in History

­­1st Germany invades Poland (1939)

1st Britain’s first supermarket opens at Earl’s Court in London (1951)

2nd Great Fire of London begins in Pudding Lane (1666)

2nd The first elections are held in the Irish Free State following independence from Britain (1923)

3rd Great Britain, France, New Zealand, and Australia declare war on Germany (1939)

3rd The US spacecraft Viking II lands on (1976)

3rd British speed enthusiast Malcolm Campbell sets new world land speed record 301.13mph  (1935)

3rd Britain signs Treaty of Paris which officially ends the American War of Independence (1783)

3rd Richard the Lionheart is crowned King of England at Westminster (1189)

4th US swimmer Mark Spitz becomes first man to win 7 gold medals at the same Olympic Games (1972)

4th US inventor George Eastman patents rolls of film for hand-held cameras (1886)

5th ITV begins broadcasting in colour (1969)

6th Start of a 17 day war between India and Pakistan when Indian troops invade West Pakistan (1965)

6th Ferdinand Magellan completes first circumnavigation of the world (1522)

7th Bishop Desmond Tutu becomes first black head of South Africa’s Anglicans (1986)

7th Grace Darling rescues crew of a shipwreck off the Northumberland coast (1838)

8th First broadcast of ‘Star Trek’ (1966)

8th First official Football League matches in England  (1888)

9th Chairman Mao Zedong dies at the age of 83 (1976)

10th New Zealand is granted Dominion status (1907)

11th Two hijacked planes crash into the twin towers of the World Trade Center (2001)

11th Scottish hero William Wallace defeats the English at Stirling Bridge (1297)

12th Concorde lands at Heathrow Airport in London for the first time (1970)

12th Los Angeles Police Department appoints the world’s first police woman, Alice Stebbin Wells (1910)

12th English explorer Henry Hudson sails his ship ‘Half Moon’ into New York harbour (1609)

13th The first criminal conviction using fingerprint evidence – Old Bailey Central Criminal Court (1902)

13th The world’s first baseball club founded in New York (1845)

14th The first successful test flight of a helicopter (1939)

15th Battle of Britain (1940)

15th In England, the opening of the Liverpool to Manchester railway line – and the first railway fatality. As MP William Huskisson steps from a train to shake hands with the Duke of Wellington he’s run over and killed (1830)

16th The Episcopal Church in the US approves the ordination of women to the priesthood (1976)

16th The 101 Pilgrim Fathers set sail for America from Plymouth, England in their ship’ The Mayflower’(1620)

17th Prince Harry born (1984)

18th France abolishes execution by guillotine  (1981)

19th New Zealand becomes the first country to give women the vote (1893)

20th The first RSPCA animal clinic opens in Liverpool (1917)

21st Malta gains its independence (1964)

21st France abolishes the monarchy and declares itself to be a Republic (1792)

22nd Shipyard workers in Poland, led by Lech Walesa, form a new independent labour union (1980)

22nd Sir Robert Walpole becomes the first prime minister to live in 10 Downing Street in London (1735)

23rd German Astronomer Johann Galle discovers another planet  Neptune (1846)

24th The prophet Muhammad escapes death by completing his flight, to Medina from Mecca  (622)

26th Francis Drake becomes first British navigator to sail the earth (1580)

27th The world’s first public passenger rail service begins – between Stockton and Darlington in the north of England (1825)

28th Elizabeth Garrett Anderson becomes Britain’s first woman doctor (1865)

29th Foundation of the first professionally organised police service in Britain (1829)

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