Apprenticeships available for Cadets wanting to be Space Engineers

Apprenticeships available for Cadets wanting to be Space Engineers

Surprisingly, the space engineering industry in the UK contributes massively to the economy; with its worth standing at £30 billion over just two years. Currently, the Royal Astronomical Society feels that demands are not being met for specially trained space engineers. On hearing of this, Skills Minister, Matthew Hancock, at the National Space Centre in Leicester launched a higher apprenticeship programme at Loughborough College. From this Course, the space industry will eventually employee graduate trainees.


As most people know, the space sector greatly enhances our daily life with satellites, mobile services and radio. The demands for improvements in technological advances are constant. The Government also relies on  space industry engineers for a range of services that include updating air traffic technology and creating better systems to track climate change.


Dr Martin Killeen, Head of Technology at Loughborough College, said:

“Significant issues have been identified regarding graduates emerging from university without the skills mix required for space engineering. We have worked extensively with the space industry to develop our higher apprenticeship programme to ensure it combines both the work-based skills and the knowledge which meet employers’ needs.”


This announcement came ahead of a speech delivered by the Education Secretary, Michael Gove, who commented that apprenticeships should be more widely available and an option for employers.


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