Teachers & Walking Statistics

Teachers & Walking Statistics

Walking to school in the mornings is certainly less common these days, regardless of the benefits which can be huge for young children. Due to this, as well as it being National Walking Month, we asked a wide array of teachers from all over the country several different questions based on walking, gathering  their opinions and whether they walk to work (school) themselves.


Teachers & Walking Stats - Infographic


  • Every single person who was asked about their opinion on walking said that it was a very good way to keep fit and healthy.
  • The vast majority of the teachers enjoy walking on a regular basis, as just 5% of teachers claiming that they don’t enjoy regular walks.
  • 16% of the teachers we asked walk or have walked to work in the morning, showing that a very large number do not walk to work, which is interesting as 95% answered that they enjoyed walking.
  • Walking to school is not a one-off for the majority of these teachers, with 82% stating that they do it every single day.
  • The main reason for teachers not walking to school was distance; a massive 77% of those asked said that the journey was just too far.
  • 48% of teachers who don’t walk to work stated that it was due to carrying resources: lesson plans, books, laptops, etc.
  • The Walk to School scheme has yet to really take off, as 60% of teachers said that there wasn’t an active Walk to School scheme in place at their school.
  • Teachers are definitely getting involved with the creation and awareness of the Walk to School scheme, with 36% of them actively getting involved in the setup of one in their school.
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