Government to Consider Free School Meals for Primary School Pupils

Government to Consider Free School Meals for Primary School Pupils

A report for the government on school nutrition has recommended the government should introduce free school meals for all primary school pupils. The proposal is to cost the government £1bn and the Education Secretary Michael Gove is said to be supportive of the idea. The report suggests that giving out free lunches to all primary school children can enhance both their health and their educational achievements. The report also recommended the banning of packed lunches altogether, stating that only 1% of packed lunches meet the nutritional standards of a regular school meal.


The report was conducted by the co-founders of the Leon restaurant chain, Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent, who claim the report was endorsed by Michael Gove himself.  Both report authors said, “We understand that the considerable cost and the need to involve other departments make it a big ask. But we are pleased that the secretary of state agrees with us in principle and we would urge schools and councils to consider funding universal free school meals themselves.” The report also recommends that simple nutrition standards are implemented for all schools. “We have worked with the Medical Research Council and our own expert panel to develop a set of simpler food standards, which we believe will be easier to implement and enforce. If the new standards are agreed to be effective from a practical and nutritional standpoint, the secretary of state has agreed to make them mandatory across all types of school.”


A new healthy school lunch policy can have a massively positive effect on children. Not only does a healthy meal have the potential to increase concentration in the classroom and provide energy for the remainder of the school day, it can also reverse the obesity figures in the UK and promote good health. As well as providing physical and mental benefits, a nutritious school diet can set children in good stead for their future eating habits, and teach eating lessons that last a lifetime.

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