Labour Proposes New Qualification for NEET School Leavers!

Labour Proposes New Qualification for NEET School Leavers!


Labour have announced proposals to introduce a new qualification called the National Baccalaureate, in a move to deal with the UK’s growing NEET (not in education, employment or training) generation.


Labour’s new National Baccalaureate will be a technical Baccalaureate with rigorous vocational qualifications to prepare young people more successfully for vocationally related jobs. It will include a compulsory maths and English element, to bridge the gap between vocational and academic qualifications.

A recent Report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development found that England is the only developed country in which grandparents have better literacy and numeracy skills than the youngest adults. Many people involved in the education sector are worried that the UK is falling behind countries such as India, China and South Korea in the world education competition tables.


Chris Husbands, chairman of the skill taskforce, stated:

“In Britain, we have a poor record of delivering high skills and effective qualifications for the forgotten 50%: the half of young people for whom the current qualifications regime simply does not deliver. The tragedy is that other countries do better. They have more efficient qualifications systems, better vocational education and strong routes through to the labour market.”


By introducing this new qualification combining both vocational and academic courses, Labour wish to place particular importance on English and Maths whilst reducing the number of NEETS who face lives of unemployment and reliance on the State otherwise.

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