Moving Positively Towards Maths!

Moving Positively Towards Maths!


A new Welsh Government Campaign called: ‘What you say counts!’ aims to encourage parents to speak positively about maths in front of their children. This Campaign asks parents to speak with a positive attitude regarding maths so that their children can improve their skills through family learning. Studies have shown family learning can improve learning skills by as much as 15%.


Welsh Education Minister, Huw Lewis, stressed how speaking positively about maths may lead to an increased and early interest in maths:

“It’s fair to say that maths is suffering from an image problem… that maths isn’t really important and that it doesn’t really matter what we say to children about it.”


The Campaign stems from a Welsh Government  poll that questioned 1,000 people about maths in Wales. The poll revealed that three in ten parents admitted being negative about maths in front of their children. Specifically:

  • 80% of parents claimed to be either ‘good’ or ‘ok’ at maths.
  • Parents  admitted to making statements like: “Maths was never my strong point” or “Don’t ask me to do maths, I’m rubbish at it.”
  • Interestingly, 80% of parents admitted to using maths at least weekly to check bank statements, 79% to plan a weekly budget and 80% to add up their food shopping.

Source: BBC


The ‘What you say counts’ Campaign is supported by ministers and is being fronted by TV personality Arfon Haines Davies.

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