OCR Recalls Papers for Remark

OCR Recalls Papers for Remark


The OCR Exam Board has recently apologised ‘unreservedly’ for mistakes made by examiners papers last autumn. The mistakes, OCR claimed, were due to ‘human and process errors’ in the transition to online marking systems. The OCR Exam Board needed to recall a total of 98 GCSE, 285 AS-level and 50 A-level exam papers which have since been remarked. The errors affected 0.03% of the Board’s results. It is not yet known if any A-level students missed out on an opportunity to attend University due to the mistakes.


Not only has the OCR Board apologised but they have reassured the public that strict measures have been taken so that similar mistakes do not re-occur for the 2014 exams. OCR chief executive Mark Dawe stated:

“On behalf of OCR, I apologise unreservedly to the students, parents and teachers affected. I would like to reassure students taking their exams with OCR this summer that due to the rigorous new measures we now have in place, these issues cannot occur again.


We have conducted extensive investigations into what went wrong. With the help of our most senior examiners, we reviewed all the relevant papers from last summer’s exams and increased marks on a tiny percentage of papers as a result.


Although these changes represent less than 0.03% of the results we issued, we are continually improving our processes to drive down the incidence of marking mistakes.”


Mark Dawe further went on to say that the mistakes due to human and process errors won’t happen again and that the examiners involved were removed immediately. With quick and effective action taken by the OCR Board, many schools are beginning to slowly let go of their reservations concerning the May/June exams. It’ll be no surprise that OCR will be monitored closely by teachers, students and parents alike in this coming year.

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