Important Dates: February 2019

Important Dates: February 2019


1st Dignity Action Day Link

1st Wear Red Day Link

1st Number Day Link

2nd Groundhog Day Link

2nd World Wetlands Day Link

4th World Cancer Day Link

5th Chinese New Year

5th Safer Internet Day Link

6th International Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM Link

7th Time to Talk Day Link

11th International Day of Women and Girls in Science Link

11th Epilepsy Day Link

12th Red Hand for Child Soldiers Day Link

13th World Radio Day Link

14th Valentine’s Day

15th International Childhood Cancer Day Link

17th Random Acts of Kindness Day Link

20th World Day of Social Justice Link

21st International Mother Language Day Link

22nd World Thinking Day Link

28th Rare Disease Day Link



4th-10th Children Mental Health Week Link

4th-10th Tinnitus Awareness Week Link

10th-16th Children of Alcoholics Awareness Week Link

11th-15th Go Green Week Link

11th-19th Student Volunteering Week Link

14th-21st National Nestbox Week Link

25th-3rd Mar Eating Disorders Awareness Week Link

25th-10thMar Fairtrade Fortnight Link

25th-3rdMar #YouCanCare Week Link



LGBT History Month Link

National Heart Month Link

CC Awareness Month Link

Reynaud’s Awareness Month Link


February Religious Events

2nd Candlemas (Christian)

3rd Setsubun-sai (Shinto)

5th Chinese New Year

8th Nirvana Day (Buddhist – Jain)

14th St Valentine’s Day (Christian)

15th Nirvana Day (Jain)

26th Intercalary Days begin (Baha’i)


February National Days

4th Sri Lanka

6th New Zealand

7th Grenada

11th Japan

15th Serbia

16th Lithuania

18th Nepal

23rd Brunei

25th Kuwait


This Day in History

1st Columbia shuttle breaks up on re-entry  (2003)

3rd Buddy Holly killed in plane crash (1959)

3rd Soviets first controlled landing of space probe on moon (1966)

5th Sweet rationing ends (1953)

6th Alan Shepherd hits a golf ball on moon (1971)

6th King George V dies (1952)

7th Ellen McArthur breaks world record for fastest solo sail around world (2005)

7th Maastriche Treaty signed, establishing EU (1992)

7th Edward of Caernarvon becomes first Prince of Wales (1301)

8th Racehorse Shergar kidnapped (1983)

8th Mary Queen of Scots beheaded (1587)

9th Trevor Francis becomes first million pound footballer (1979)

10th New Delhi becomes capital of India (1931)

10th Queen Victoria marries Prince Albert (1840)

11th Nelson Mandela freed (1990)

11th Tories choose Margaret Thatcher as first woman leader (1975)

11th St Bernadette’s first vision of Virgin Mary at Lourdes (1858)

12th Lady Jane Grey beheaded at Tower of London (1554)

13th Anna Ford becomes first ITN woman newsreader (1978)

13th Massacre at Glencoe (1692)

13th Catherine Howard executed (1542)

15th Decimalisation Day (1971)

16th Kyoto Protocol founded (2005)

18th Pluto discovered (1930)

18th Ban on hunting with dogs becomes law (2005)

19th Thomas Edison patents phonograph (1878)

20th Soviets launch Space Station Mir (1986)

20th John Glenn becomes first American astronaut to orbit earth (1962)

21st Malcolm X assassinated in America (1965)

25th Corporal punishment made illegal in British schools (1982)

26th Women priests allowed (1987)


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