Important Dates: JANUARY 2019

Important Dates: JANUARY 2019


1st New Year’s Day

3rd Festival of Sleep Day  Link

4th World Braille Day Link

5th Twelfth Night Link

11th Paget’s Awareness Day Link

14th STIQ Day Link

18th Winnie the Pooh Day

20th World Religion Day Link

21st Blue Monday Link

21st Martin Luther King Jr Day Link

24th Global Belly Laugh Day Link

25th Burns Night Link

27th Holocaust Memorial Day Link

29th World Leprosy Day Link

31st Bug Busting Day Link



21st-25th Breakfast Week Link

21st-27th Cervical Cancer Prevention Week Link

27th-3rd Feb National Storytelling Week Link



2nd – 22nd Feb Big Schools Birdwatch Link


Relgious Dates

1st Gantan-Sal (Shinto)

5th Twelfth Night (Christian)

5th Birthday of Guru Gobindh Singh (Sikh)

6th Epiphany (Christian)

13th Maghi (Sikh)

13th Baptism of Jesus (Christian)

17th Blessing of the Animals (Hispanic Catholic Christian)

18th-25th Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (Christian)

19th Tinkat (Ethiopian Orthodox Christian)

20th World Religion Day (Baha’i)

20th Tu BiShavat (Jewish)

21st-23rd Mahayana New Year (Buddhist)

25th Conversion of St Paul (Christian)


January National Days

1st   Cuba
1st   Haiti (from France in 1804)

1st   Sudan (Independence from UK and Egyptian Republic 1956)
4th  Myanmar (from the UK in 1948)
26th Australia Day

26th India (Republic Day)

31st Nauru (Independence from Australia, NZ and UK)



This Day in History

1st Britain joins EEC (1973)

1st United Kingdom created after Act of Union (1801)

3rd Britain seizes control of Falkland islands (1833)

4th Sir Edmund Hillary arrives at the South Pole (1958)

6th Samuel Morse demonstrates electric telegraph (1838)

8th Indira Gandhi becomes first woman prime minister in India (1966)

8th Britain introduces food rationing (1940)

9th William Pitt introduces Income Tax (1799)

12th National Trust set up (1895)

15th Queen Elizabeth 1st crowned (1559)

16th Prohibition introduced in USA (1920)

17th Sir Robert Scott reached the South Pole in 1912

17th Operation Desert Storm begins in Iraq in 1991

21st Louis XVI executed by guillotine (1793)

22nd Queen Victoria died in 1901

23rd Ramsey MacDonald becomes first Labour PM (1924)

25th Robert Burns born (1759)

26th John Logie Baird demonstrates first TV (1926)

27th Ceasefire between USA and Vietnam (1973)

28th Shuttle Challenger explodes (1986)

30th Bloody Sunday (Londonderry 1972)


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