Important Dates: July 2018

Important Dates: July 2018


1st International Reggae Day link

2nd World UFO Day link

4th Independence Day, (USA)  link

10th Don’t Step on a Bee Day Link

11th World Population Day link

13th First Night of the Proms link

14th Bastille Day, France link

15th World Youth Skills Day Link

16th Disability Awareness Day Link

17th World Day for International Justice Link

18th Nelson Mandela International Day Link

26th International Bog Snorkelling Day link

28th National Day of the Cowboy (USA) link

28th World Hepatitis Day link

29th International Tiger Day link

30th International Day of Friendship link

31st World Ranger Day link



2nd-8th Health Information Week link

2nd-8th Sarcoma Awareness Week Link

2nd-15th Wimbledon Tennis Tournament link

3rd-8th Hampton Court Flower Show link

4th-8th Henley Regatta link

7th–29th Tour de France link

23rd-29th National Parks Week  link

29th-13thAug National Marine Week Link


Summer Reading Challenge in Libraries link

National Fishing Month (27thJuly–2ndSep) link

Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness Month link


July Religious Days   

9th Martyrdom of the Bab (Baha’i)

13th-15th Obon (Ulambana) (Buddhist) (Shinto)

14th Ratha Yatra (Hindu)

15th St Swithin’s Day (Christian)

22nd Tisha B’Av (Judaism)

23rd Birthday of Haile Selassie I (Rastafarian)

24th Pioneer Day (Mormon)

27th Dharma/ Asalha Puja Day (Buddhist)



July National Days

1st Canada

3rd Belarus

4th Independence Day USA

5th Venezuela

5th Isle of Man

6th Malawi

10th Bahamas

11th Mongolia

12th Spain

14th France

17th Iraq

20th Colombia

21st Belgium

23rd Egypt

26th Liberia

28th Peru


July This Day in History

1st First day of the Battle of the Somme (1916)

Hong Kong (given to Britain on 99 year lease 1898) returns to China (1997)

Virginia Wade wins women’s singles Wimbledon (1977)

2nd Factory act in Britain bans employment of children under 9 (1819)

3rd End of food rationing in Britain (1954)

4th United States declares independence (1776)

Beginning of National Health Service in Britain (1948)

5th Arthur Ashe becomes first black tennis champion at Wimbledon (1975)

6th Battle of Sedgemoor (1685)

8th NSPCC founded in Britain (1884)

12th Julius Caesar born (100BC)

13th First World Cup starts in Uruguay (1930)

14th Beginning of French Revolution (1789)

16th Mohammed travels Mecca to Medina (622)

17th Disneyland, California opens (1955)

18th Secret voting in ballot boxes in Britain (1872)

20th Neil Armstrong first man on moon (1969)

First FA Cup competition (1871)

25th Louise Brown (first test tube baby) born (1978)

Louis Bleriot – first flight across channel (1909)

George Stephenson’s steam engine (1814)

James VI Scotland becomes James I England (1603)

27th Steve Cram sets 3m46.2s mile (1985)

28th Britain bans slavery throughout Empire (1833)

29th Spanish Armada defeated (1588)

30th England wins World Cup (1966)

31st UK’s first self service supermarket (Sainsbury’s) opens in London (1950)

Boy Scout Movement founded officially by Robert Baden-Powell (1908)

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