Important Dates: June 2018

Important Dates: June 2018

2nd Butterfly Education and Awareness Day Link

3rd National Cancer Survivors Day (USA) Link

5th World Environment Day Link

7th International Tourettes Awareness Day Link

8th International Tampon Alert Day Link

8th World Oceans Day Link

9th Queen’s Birthday Parade Link

14th World Blood Donor Day Link

15th National Bug Busting Day  Link

16th International Day of the African Child Link

16th National Flash Fiction Day Link

16th World Juggling Day Link

17th International Surfing Day Link

17th Father’s Day Link

21st Summer Solstice Link

21st Music Day Link

21st Longest Day Golf Challenge Link

23rd International Widows Day Link

23rd National Women in Engineering Day Link

26th International Day Against Drug Abuse And Illicit Trafficking Link

29th Wrong Trousers Day Link

30th Armed Forces Day  Link



1st-7th Volunteers Week Link

4th-10th Child Safety Week Link

4th-10thHeart Rhythm Week Link

9th-17th Bike Week Link

9th-17th Children’s Art Week Link

11th-17th Diabetes Week Link

11th-17th Mens Health Week Link

11th-17th Cervical Screening Awareness Week Link

11th-17th Carers Week Link

11th-17th Aromatherapy Awareness Week Link

15th-24th National Picnic Week Link

18th-24th Refugee Week Link

18th-24th Breathe Easy Week Link

18th-24th National Insect Week Link

25th-29th National School Sport Week Link



Have a Go Month Link

Motor Neurone Awareness Month Link

National Microchip Month

Pride Month Link

SANDS Awareness Month Link


June Religious Days   

11th  Laylay al Kadr (Islam)

15th-17th Eid al Fitr (Islam)

16th Guru Arjan Martyrdom (Sikh)

20th Waqf al Arafa – Hajj Day (Islam)

21st Summer Solstice – Litha (Pagan)

21st Litha (Wicca/Pagan)

29th St Peter and St Paul’s Day (Christian)


June National Days

2nd Italy

4th Tonga

5th Denmark

6th Sweden

10th Portugal

12th Russia

12th Philippines

14th Falkland Islands

17th Iceland

18th Seychelles

21st Greenland

23rd Luxembourg

25th Slovenia

26th Madagascar


June This Day in History

1st TV licences introduced in UK (1942)

1st Rhodesia becomes Zimbabwe (1979)

2nd Italy becomes a republic (1946)

2nd Coronation of Elizabeth II (1953)

4th Juan Peron elected President of Argentina (1946)

5th Robert Kennedy shot (1968)

6th D Day landings in Normandy (1944)

7th Prophet Muhammad dies in Medina (632)

8th Lindisfarne Monastery sacked by Vikings (793)

8th New law limits women and children to 10 hour working day (1847)

8th Margaret Bondfield becomes Britain’s first female cabinet minister (1929)

9th Emperor Nero commits suicide (68)

12th Nelson Mandela jailed for life (1964)

13th Flying bombs used to attack Britain (1944)

14th Battle of Naseby – English Civil War (1645)

14th Falklands War ends (1982)

15th Peasants Revolt – against poll tax (1381)

15th Allcock & Brown complete first non-stop Atlantic flight (1919)

16th Valentina Tereshkova becomes first woman in space (1963)

18th Wellington defeats Napoleon at Waterloo (1815)

18th Amelia Earheart becomes first women to fly Atlantic (1928)

19th King John signs Magna Carta (1215)

19th Sir Robert Peel founds the London Metropolitan Police (1829)

20th Queen Victoria accedes to throne (1837)

21st Prince William born (1982)

22nd SS Windrush brings Commonwealth workers (1948)

24th English defeated at Bannockburn (1314)

24th Custers last stand (1876)

27th First Nuclear Power Station opened at Obninsk (1954)

28th Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated (1914)

30th First Harry Potter novel published (1997)


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