Important Dates: May 2018

Important Dates: May 2018


2nd WorldAsthma Day Link

3rd World Press Freedom Day Link

4th Star Wars Day Link

5th International Day of the Midwife Link

5th Save Lives Clean your Hands Link

6th International Dawn Chorus Day Link

8th World Ovarian Cancer Day Link

9th Europe Day Link

10th World Lupus Day Link

12th International Nurses Day Link

12th World Fair Trade Day Link

12th National Limerick Day

12th-13th National Mills Weekend Link

13th National Children’s Day Link

15th International Day of Families Link

16th-19th Museums at Night Weekend Link

18th International Museums Day Link

18th Hats for Headway Day Link

22nd World Goth Day Link

23rd World Turtle Day Link

25th Towel Day Link

28th World Hunger Day Link

31st World No Tobacco Day Link



5th-13th Dystonia Awareness Week Link

6th-12th Hedgehog Week Link

6th-12th Red Cross Week Link

7th-13th ME Awareness Week Link

8th-15th Donkey Week Link

12th-19th National Doughnut Week Link

13th-19th Christian Aid Week Link

14th-20th National Epilepsy Week Link

14th-20th Sun Awareness Week Link

14th-20th Coeliac Awareness Week Link

14th-20th Mental Health Awareness Week Link

14th-20th Learning at Work Week Link

14th-20th Deaf Awareness Week Link

14th-20th National Vegetarian Week Link

14th-27th  Foster Care Fortnight Link

14th-20th Action for Brain Injury Week Link

20th-26th British Sandwich Week Link

21st-27th Dementia Awareness Week Link

21st-25th Walk to School Week Link

21st -27th British Tomato Week Link

21st -27th Children’s Hospice Week Link

26th -3rd  June National Go Canoeing Week Link



Action on Stroke Month Link

Local and Community History Month Link

May Measurement Month Link

National Share a Story Month Link

National Smile Month 14th May-14thJune Link

National Walking Month Link


May Religious Dates

1st Beltane (Pagan)

1st Lailal al Bara’ah (Islam)

2nd Last Day of Ridvan (Bahai)

3rd Lag B’Omer (Jewish)

10th Ascension of Jesus (Christian)

16th Ramadan begins (Islam)

20th-21stJune Shavout (Jewish)

20th Pentecost (Christian)

23rd Declaration of the Bab (Bahai)

27th Trinity Sunday (Christian)

29th Ascension of Baha’u’llah (Baha’i)


May National Days

3rd Poland

10th Micronesia

14th Paraguay

14th Israel

17th Norway

20th Cameroon

22nd Yemen

24th Eritrea

24th Bermuda

25th Argentina

25th Jordan

26th Georgia

28th Ethiopia

28th Armenia

30th Anguilla


May This Day in History

1st England and Scotland become Great Britain (1707)

1st Queen Victoria opens the Great Exhibition (1851)

2nd First satellite TV programme links 9 countries (1965)

2nd Argentinian cruiser General Belgrano torpedoed and sunk (1982)

2nd First scheduled jet flight (London to Johannesburg) (1952)

3rd ITA becomes second TV Channel (1955)

4th The first ever general strike begins (1926)

4th Margaret Thatcher becomes first woman Prime Minister in UK (1979)

5th Napoleon Bonaparte dies (1821)

5th Alan Shepard becomes first American in space (1961)

6th Roger Bannister breaks 4 minute mile (1954)

6th Queen Elizabeth and President Mitterrand open Chunnel (1994)

7th The Theatre Royal in Drury Lane opens (1663)

7th The voting age for women in Britain goes from 30 to 21 (1926)

8th Sweden abolishes the death penalty (1921)

8th Winston Churchill announces the end of WW2 (1945)

8th Charles II pronounced king of England (1660)

9th Colonel Blood steals Crown Jewels from Tower of London (1671)

10th Nelson Mandela becomes first black South African President (1994)

11th Spencer Perceval becomes the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated (1812)

14th Edward Jenner carries out first vaccination against smallpox (1796)

14th Jewish Groups proclaim State of Israel (1948)

17th A British group set off on first package holiday (1861)

18th The European Convention on Human Rights comes into being (1954)

19th Helen Sharman becomes first Briton in space (1991)

21st Charles Lindbergh makes first solo flight across Atlantic (1927)

22nd Wars of the Roses begins (1455)

29th Charles Stuart becomes Charles II (1660)

30th Joan of Arc burns at the stake (1431)

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