Important Dates: November 2018

Important Dates: November 2018


1st World Vegan Day Link

5th Guy Fawkes Night Link

7th International Stress Awareness Day Link

8th World Radiography Day  Link

11th Armistice Day Link

11th Remembrance Sunday

13th World Kindness Day  Link

14th World Diabetes Day Link

16th Children in Need Link

16th International Day for Tolerance Link

19th International Men’s Day Link

20th Universal Children’s Day Link

21st World COPD Day  Link

21st World Hello Day  Link

21st World Television Day  Link

22nd Thanksgiving USA

23rd Buy Nothing Day Link

25th White Ribbon Day  Link

30th Carers Rights Day Link



12th-16th Anti-Bullying Week Link

12th-18th Global Entrepreneurship Week Link

12th-16th National Schools Meal Week Link

19th-25th Road Safety Week  Link

19th-25th Alcohol Awareness Week Link

24th-2nd Dec National Tree Week Link



Lung Cancer Awareness Month Link

Mouth Cancer Action Month Link

National Blog Posting Month Link

National Novel Writing Month Link

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month  Link

World Vegan Month Link


November Religious Days

1st All Saints Day (Christian)

1st Samhain – Beltane (Wicca/Pagan  Northern and Southern hemispheres)

2nd All Souls Day (Catholic Christian)

7th Diwali (Sikh – Jain – Hindu)

8th Jain New Year (Jain)

8th Vikram New Year (Hindu)

12th Birth of Baha’u'llah (Baha’i)

21st Mawlid an Nabi (Islam)

22nd Thanksgiving USA (Interfaith)

23rd Guru Nanak Dev Sahib birthday (Sikh)

25th Christ the King (Christian)

26th Day of the Covenant  (Baha’i)

28th Ascension of  ‘Abdu’l-Baha (Baha’i)

30th St. Andrew’s Day (Christian)


November National Days                                                                                                                                         1st Algeria

3rd Dominica

3rd Panama

9th Cambodia

11th Poland – Independence Day

18th Latvia

18th Oman

19th Monaco

22nd Lebanon

25th Suriname

28th Albania

30th Barbados


November This Day in History

1st Channel 4 begins with Countdown (1982)

1st Official opening of first full length motorway – M1  (1959)

2nd Samaritans founded (1953)

3rd First animal in space – Laika the dog (1957)

4th Howard Carter & Lord Carnarvon discover the tomb of Tutankhamun (1922)

5th Uprising in Hungary (1956)

5th Guy Fawkes & co-conspirators discovered planting 30 barrels of gunpowder in

Houses of Parliament (1605)

6th UN condemns apartheid (1962)

6th Abraham Lincoln elected 16th President of USA (1860)

7th Mary Robinson elected first woman president of Irish Republic (1990)

8th Wilhelm Rontgen discovers X-rays (1895)

9th Berlin Wall opened up (1989)

11th World War 1 ends at 11th hour (1918)

11th First Poppy Day (1921)

13th Discovery of planet Pluto (1930)

14th Prince Charles born (1948)

15th Francis Drake begins Around the World voyage (1577)

18th Terry Waite released in Beirut (1991)

19th Mayflower arrives at Cape Cod (1620)

22nd John F Kennedy assassinated (1963)

23rd First ever episode of Dr Who (1963)

25th Alfred Nobel patents dynamite (1867)

26th First trams in New York (1832)

28th Nancy Astor becomes Britain’s first woman MP (1919)


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