Important Dates: October 2017


1st International Day of Older Persons Link

1st World Vegetarian Day Link

2nd World Habitat Day Link

4th World Animal Day

5th World Teachers Day Link

5th National Personal Safety Day Link

6th Byte Night Link

6th World Smile Day Link

7th King Harold Day Link

9th World Post Day Link

10th World Mental Health Day Link

10th Ada Lovelace Day Link

12th World Arthritis Day Link

12th World Sight Day Link

13th International Day for Disaster Reduction Link

14th World Hospice and Palliative Care Day Link

15th Global Hand washing Day Link

16th World Food Day Link

18th Anti Slavery Day Link

19th International Credit Union Day Link

19th Conflict Resolution Day Link

20th Wear It Pink Link

20th World Osteoporosis Day Link

21st Apple Day Link

21st Trafalgar Day Link

22nd International Stammering Awareness Day Link

24th United Nations Day Link

28th Make a Difference Day Link

28/29th Clocks go back

29th World Psoriasis Day Link

29th World Stroke Day Link

31st National Bug Busting Day Link

31st Hallowe’en



2nd-6th National Work Life Week Link

2nd-6th Humphreys Pyjama Week Link

2nd-6th Backcare Awareness Week Link

2nd-8th Dyslexia Awareness Week Link

4th-10th World Space Week Link      

7th-22nd Wool Week Link

9th-15th Baby Loss Awareness Week Link

9th-15th National Braille Week Link

9th-15th National Curry Week Link

9th-15th Chocolate Week Link

9th-15th British Egg Week Link

13th-21st National Knitting Week Link

14th-29th Family Learning Festival Link

16th-22nd National Baking Week Link

22nd-29th One World Week Link



Black History Awareness Month Link

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Link

International Walk to School Month  Link

International School Library Month   Link

Lupus Awareness Month Link

National Cholesterol Month Link

The Big Draw Link


October Religious Days   

1st Ashura (Islam)

4th St Francis Day (Christian)

5th-11th Sukkot (Jewish)

12th Shemini Atzeret (Jewish)

13th Simchat Torah (Jewish)

18th St Luke (Christian)

19th Diwali (Hindu, Sikh, Jain)

20th Birth of the Bab (Bahai)

20th Installation of Scriptures as Guru Granth (Sikh)

20th New Year (Jain)

31st All Hallows Eve (Christian)

31st Wicca (Pagan)


October National Days

1st China: National Day
1st Cyprus: National Day
1st Nigeria: Republic Day 1 Palau: National Day
1st Tuvalu: Independence Day
2nd Guinea: National Day
3rd Germany: National Day
4th Lesotho: National Day
9th Uganda: Independence Day
10th Taiwan: National Day 10 Fiji: National Day
12th Equatorial Guinea: National Day
12th Spain: National Day
19th Niue: National Day
21st Somalia: The Twenty-First of October Revolution
22nd Holy See: Anniversary, Pontifical Ministry of HH Pope John Paul II
24th Zambia: Independence Day
26th Austria: National Day
27th St Vincent and the Grenadines: National Day
27th Turkmenistan: National Day
28th Czech Republic: National Day
29th Turkey: Republic Day

October This Day in History

1st The People’s Republic of China proclaimed (1949)

3rd East and West Germany are reunited after 45 years (1990)

4th First English translation of the entire bible printed (1535)

4th Soviet satellite Sputnik is the first man-made object in space (1957)

4th Battle of Mogadishu (1993)

5th Jarrow March – 200 men from Tyneside march to parliament in London (1936)

6th First talking film – Al Jolson in the Jazz Singer – shown in USA (1927)

6th Yom Kippur War – Egypt and Syria attack Israel (1973)

6th President Anwar Sadat of Egypt assassinated (1981)

10th Emmeline Pankhurst forms Women’s Social & Political Union – women’s rights movement (1903)

12th Christopher Columbus lands in Bahamas (1492)

14th William defeats Harold in the Battle of Hastings (1066)

16th Marie Antionette is guillotined in Paris (1793)

21st Nelson is killed at the Battle of Trafalgar (1805)

21st Florence Nightingale leaves England for the Crimean War (1854)

22nd First ever parachute jump – by Andre-Jacques Garnerin from balloon over Paris (1797)

23rd Edgehill, the first major battle of English Civil War (1642)

23rd Hungarian Revolution begins (1956)

24th Black Thursday begins Wall Street Crash in New York (1929)

24th United Nations begins (1945)

25th Battle of Agincourt (1415)

25th Charge of the Light Brigade (1854)

31st Indira Gandhi killed (1984)

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