April 2014 – Happy Easter

April 2014 – Happy Easter

The problem with creating resources around St George, in order to celebrate England’s national day on the 23rd April, is that you can’t easily go out and photograph him.  Most of the old images show the poor dragon being run through with a lance and bleeding badly.  Eventually we did find an image where the poor beast is only being trampled under the revered saint’s horse.  I think Puff the magic one would be a happier image for the younger ones!


Shakespeare, that quintessentially English bard, has to have a mention this month since he was born, and died, in the month of April.  We’ve prepared a Fact File on the man that we hope the children will enjoy.


Over the holiday period we will put up a selection of past resources in This week’s and Next Week’s resources, since we know that the break varies a little from place to place.  Paid members may prefer to make their own selection from the archive.


After the break I hope you will be refreshed.  Hopefully our website will also be refreshed – watch this space.  I look forward to sharing the improvements with you next month.


Click on the following link for lots of other useful information for the month of April:




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