March 2014: Bee Aware

March 2014: Bee Aware

Our bees have been in the news recently as their numbers decline through disease and loss of habitat.  We have a set of resources focussed around the humble bee for week commencing 10th March.  They challenge the children to think of ways we can help and this should coincide with Science and Engineering week.


So spare a thought for our bees as you squirt the honey on your pancakes on 4th March.  It takes the lifetime’s work of 12 bees to make just one teaspoon of honey!  I can feel a fact file on bees coming on – I now want to know how long they live.


Anyway, I hope this reaches you in time to let you know that we have developed our Out of Order resource to cover all age ranges, starting with the sequencing of pancake making.  March creeps up too quickly on us – I blame February for being so short!


There’s a Fact File on Bananas to mark the Fair Trade Fortnight that we are in the middle of at the time of sending this newsletter.


Did you know that Jupiter will only be 700 million miles away this month?  Click on the following link for lots of other useful information for the month of March:


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