June 2014 – Sorry, thank you and did you know…

June 2014 – Sorry, thank you and did you know…

I was really looking forward to the new site, but in the back of my mind was the worry, borne of past experience, that this wasn’t going to be an easy time.


So, please accept my apology for the glitches and failures of the past month that some of you have experienced and I’ll explain later why it isn’t all of you that have been affected.


The thanks goes to all who told me about the problems they were experiencing; you have contributed hugely to helping us put things right and I’m very grateful.  Thanks also to those who have put up patiently with problems which involved the new ‘Remember Me’ and ‘My Favourites’ facilities.


Here is how the ‘Remember Me’ should work:  check the box when you login and it should mean you stay logged in until the day you click ‘Log Out’.  I always thought of it as bad practice if you just close the browser without logging out, but that is what you should now do, so that next time you launch the site from that computer, you’re already logged in.


Do you know why it might have been fine for some, but failing for others?  I pondered how to explain this issue earlier as I planned my day, and I decided an analogy might be the best way – so here goes:


Imagine our website is one of many islands out to sea and to view it you need a browser which corresponds to one of those seaside telescopes you find bolted to the promenade.  Now there are a few resorts along this line of coast and they are Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.  Each resort has a range of the telescopes from fairly old versions to the very new and latest version.


Now, whichever telescope you use to view the island of Good Morning Children, you get a slightly different view, so what is visible from one location may be hidden from another.


Since the site is new it is designed to work with the latest browsers, so if you can update to the latest version you will get the best results.  If you have the choice, we recommend Google Chrome.


For June the resources include the theme of Bikes to coincide with ‘Bike to School’ week; Pets to link with ‘RSPCA Week’ and Insects to link with ‘National Insect Week’ and I know many of you will be out in the fields with your pooters. There’s even a National Bug Busting Day – although you may hope to not be studying lice and nits!


You will find more useful June dates, including Awareness dates, Religious dates, ‘National Days’ and ‘This Day in History’ – just follow this link:




This term, if anything doesn’t work on our new site, please let me know; and if you can say which telescope you’re using, that would be great too!


Thanks again,


Mike and Chrissie Hutchins

[email protected]
0870 446 1020

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Mike Hutchins

Mike Hutchins is the founder of Good Morning Children, an on-line company that provides engaging and mentally stimulating resources for primary school children of all ages. Mike started Good Morning Children in 2006 with the aim of the company being to help children develop key thinking and reasoning skills. His qualifications include B.Sc (Engineering) and a PGCE in primary education.

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