October 2014 – What is the simplest way of cutting the workload of classroom teachers?

October 2014 – What is the simplest way of cutting the workload of classroom teachers?

If there is one story in education that just won’t go away it is the overwork of everyone employed in schools.  From heads to class teachers to those working in the school office, unpaid overtime has become an endless part of the job.

Whether a change of Secretary of State for Education in England will really make a difference between now and the general election next year, none of us really knows, but the chances are that the people who ultimately will sort the overload issue out, will be those of us who actually work in schools.

And “sort it out”, is what must ultimately happen, not least because we are all running out of hours in the day.  For many people there simply isn’t another “extra half hour” to squeeze out of our working lives.

In our own way I do think that Good Morning Children has made a contribution to the reduction of the overload of work and eternal overtime, by providing not just the materials that teachers can use as the opening resources each morning, but also by providing a whole range of additional materials in our archives that are there and available to our subscribers.

My own thought is that by making these available both for schools (so that they can be shared throughout the school by every teacher who wishes to use them) and for individuals (who wish to subscribe personally, where the school doesn’t subscribe) we are providing one route out of one part of the overload.

Of course that doesn’t mean that teachers can work through the lessons and then go home to relax – we’re never going to achieve that.  But there is much to be said, in my view, for anything that can stop and to a small degree reverse, the remorseless rise in the demands placed on everyone who works in a school.

I do hope you might consider using Good Morning Children as a way of reducing the workload – do take a look here to see what we offer.

But there is something else as well.  If you have found a way of reducing the workload of yourself or your colleagues in school, and you would like to share it, we’ll be pleased to publish the answers.

Just drop me a line by replying to this email, and I’ll gather together the answers I get and publish them in the next newsletter.

And of course, fingers crossed for the new Secretary of State.

Mike and Chrissie Hutchins

[email protected]
0870 446 1020

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Mike Hutchins

Mike Hutchins is the founder of Good Morning Children, an on-line company that provides engaging and mentally stimulating resources for primary school children of all ages. Mike started Good Morning Children in 2006 with the aim of the company being to help children develop key thinking and reasoning skills. His qualifications include B.Sc (Engineering) and a PGCE in primary education.

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