September 2014 – New academic year and a new curriculum

September 2014 – New academic year and a new curriculum

Welcome back and I hope you are feeling refreshed and looking forward to the coming year.


During the break we updated our gallery with two new sections: one on China and another featuring the Vikings.  Our Autumn gallery may be getting used just a little sooner than anticipated looking at our weather at this moment!


We have been looking at the implications of the new curriculum and we are very interested to hear which topics you are planning to cover, so that we can support you with starter activities to match.


This year our resources are in the 901 to 940 range, providing you with 40 weeks worth of new material during the coming academic year.  ‘Beginning the Year’ may be a useful topic title to look up if you need more, or different resources, to start your year.


If your school is subscribed it is that time of year when the membership may need updating to cater for any staff changes.  We are always happy to assist if you need any help.


You will find some useful dates for September in our blog, including Awareness dates, Religious dates, ‘National Days’ and ‘This Day in History’:


Best wishes,


Mike and Chrissie Hutchins

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0870 446 1020

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