Good Morning Children Ltd

Good Morning Children Ltd was first thought of in February 2006 with the company being launched in April 2006, closely followed by the website launch in September 2006. It is run by Mike and Chrissie who have about 50 years of teaching experience between them, plus ten academic years of providing our resources to the primary education market. Our rapidly expanding business has led to thousands of classes in the UK and beyond regularly using our resources.



What we do

» We are passionate about Waking Up Young Minds and developing thinking and reasoning skills is a key objective.
» We create a wide variety of short, mentally stimulating activities for children aged from just under five, to just over eleven years.
» Each school week, we upload a selection of these resources, one for every school day, in each of the eight different age ranges.
» We ensure that every resource is suitably challenging for more able children.
» Our weekly resources are often linked to current national or international events and celebrations.
» We research and link our content with appropriate educational objectives.
» We use photographs to encourage observation and to bring the outside world into the learning environment.
» We provide an archive gallery with hundreds of resources.
» We send out a monthly newsletter packed with useful information.
» We aim to provide an excellent level of customer care.
» We listen to you.