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Creative Thinking Skills

To encourage creative thinking skills in children, teachers and parents should adopt an open-ended approach. Ask imprecise questions which have no right or wrong answer, and always encourage the child to think outside the box. Ask the child for his/her opinions on whatever task you are doing and do not reproach them if they give you a wacky response! Asking open-ended questions such as “What do you think we should do regarding....?” makes them think without the pressure of having to look for a “correct” answer. Always listen to the answer and ask follow-up questions to ensure they become used to clarifying their thoughts as well as thinking creatively.


Reading to young children is a great way to boost their creative thinking skills. As well as opening up their mind to new ideas and scenarios, you can turn the book into the topic of discussion. Discuss why certain characters acted in a certain way, and how they could have done things better. By asking questions you are encouraging the child to analyse and scrutinise little details. Critiquing simple aspects of the book is good way to encourage creative thinking skills.


At Good Morning Children, we offer resources that encourage the creative thinking skills of young children. Each resource contains many exciting activities that combine enjoyment with learning and creativity. Our innovative resources are used by teachers and parents across the country, and they are a brilliant way of getting the children interested in learning. As all children have different skill levels when it comes to creative thinking, we provide activities for a range of capabilities. From students with a relatively lower aptitude for creative thinking to extremely able children, our resources contain activities for everyone.


With additional material on picture thinking skills, literacy skills and numeracy skills, each subject comes with its own unique material. Enjoyable and fun tasks such as anagrams, crosswords, match the pictures and spot the difference will ensure that the children take great pleasure in these tasks whilst continually improving their creative thinking skills.


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