Provision for More Able Children

By offering your more able children a diverse range of high quality, stimulating tasks which include an open ended challenge, you are presenting them with the opportunity to apply and develop their thinking skills. Some of the picture thinking tasks are designed to challenge the children with unusual situations, allowing them to think flexibly and design their own imaginative solutions.

Since the activities are designed to be of a relatively short duration, they can be used daily, giving the child a chance to improve and develop their higher order thinking skills of reflection, critical thinking and problem solving. Our material can make a significant contribution towards developing the ability of your children to think, and as such it could be integrated into a broader thinking initiative. Our structured tasks find a wide range of applications which can involve both independent and collaborative working.

More able pupils are not necessarily more hard working than others, so teacher expectations obviously play an important part in terms of expecting such pupils to progress on to the challenge section of the resource. The stimuli the resources provide will excite the child to fully engaged in the task and motivate them to progress. Since the tasks have integral instructions, they encourage the skills of independent learning.

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