Thinking and Reasoning

Many people believe the ability to think critically and creatively are things which can be taught. In fact, there are subjects taught at colleges and schools designed purely to improve and enhance a person’s thinking and reasoning skills. On the other hand, there are people who believe creative masterminds are born, and that it’s a natural ability. Regardless of whether you believe creative geniuses are taught or have an inherent ability, there is a certain level of skill and reasoning ability that we can all aspire to get to. It is important that we encourage the thinking and reasoning skills in children especially, and allow them to reach their full potential.


There isn’t one particular method of getting your children to think critically or creatively. There are combinations of factors which need to be set in place to encourage children to use their thinking and reasoning skills. The ability to think is prompted by stimulating questions. Some of the great minds in history achieved their great feats due to asking probing questions and focusing the mind in order to find clear and logical solutions based on reason.


There are some simple ways to improve your child’s thinking skills. The most basic way of doing this is to ask questions. Activate their dormant thought process by asking questions and allowing them to come to conclusions by themselves. It is also important to encourage a child’s natural sense of curiosity. By engaging in discussions and questions, you will be increasing their ability to think independently, a vital skill for future education.


Another fun and exciting way of encouraging your child’s thinking and reasoning skills is via the use of board games. There are many board games available that require you to think and make decisions. Encourage the child to think of all possibilities before making a choice and constantly talk to them throughout. Other games which are known to enhance a child’s thinking are strategy games such as chess. These types of games develop various cognitive skills in a non-formal, entertaining manner.


At Good Morning Children, we aim to promote the use of thinking and reasoning through a variety of children’s projects and activities. All of our methods are designed by teachers and aim to develop a range of thinking skills. With our new and innovative techniques, we are always seeking to find new ways to encourage critical and creative thinking.


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